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 FdmHtmBgn  池边的鹿The deer at the pool  FdmHtmEgn  [复制链接]

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Because of heat, a deer came to a spring to drink. Seeing his own shadow reflecting in the water, he greatly admired the size and variety of his horns, but felt angry with himself for having such slender1 and weak feet.

1) slender:a.细长的;微薄的

While he was in deep thought, a lion appeared at the pool duanwenw.com and sprang upon him. The deer immediately began to run away as fast as possible. As long as the road was smooth and open, he kept himself at ease at a safe distance from the lion. But entering a wood he became entangled1 by his horns, and the lion quickly came up to him and caught him.

1) entangled:(entangle) v.缠住;卷入;弄乱

When too late he thus regretted, “My god! How have I cheated myself! These feet saved me, but I had despised1 them, and I duanwenwcom was proud of these antlers which have brought me destruction2.”

1) despised:(despise) vt.轻视

2) destruction:n.破坏,毁坏;消灭

We often look down upon what is most truly valuable in our life.

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