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BEIJING, July 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese officials Thursday urged increased efforts in work safety supervision1 and the prevention2 of floods during rainy season.



China will continue to carry out nationwide inspections on workplace safety to prevent major accidents, according to a video and telephone conference held by the Work Safety Committee of the State Council.

Vice Premier Ma Kai attended the conference.

While progress has been made in improving work safety, frequent tragedies1 still occur and there are safety hazards2 which officials should focus more closely on, according to the meeting.

1)tragedies:(tragedy) n.悲剧;惨事,惨案,灾难

2)hazards:(hazard) n.危险;公害

Ahead of the rainy season, local authorities should implement1 measures to guard against2 flood risks and prevent accidents caused by natural disasters, the meeting stressed.


2)guard against:预防,使提防

In a separate meeting Thursday, the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters1 also called for measures to cope with2 heavy rain, especially in the country's northern regions.

1)Headquarters:(headquarter) n.总办公处

2)cope with:处理,应付,对付,克服;与…抗衡

Coordinated1 efforts should be made to ensure2 accurate3 forecasting of strong rainstorms4, providing support for flood relief measures, it said.

1)Coordinated:(coordinate) n.同等的人物,同位格,坐标;a.同等的,等位的;v.(使)协调



4)rainstorms:(rainstorm) n.暴风雨

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