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 FdmHtmBgn  Bartender, Give Me Another! 酒保,再来一杯!  FdmHtmEgn  [复制链接]

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Bartender, Give Me Another! 酒保,再来一杯!

A man walks into a bar. He is obviously drunk and staggers up to the bar, seats himself on a stool and asks the bartender for a drink. The bartender politely informs the man that it appears he is drunk and cannot be served any more alcohol. The bartender offers to call a cab for him.


The drunk is briefly surprised, then softly scoffs, grumbles, climbs down from the bar stool, and leaves.


A few minutes later, the same drunk stumbles in the side door of the same bar. He hollers for a drink.


The bartender comes over and refuses service to the man and again offers to call a cab. The drunk looks at the bartender for a moment angrily, curses, and shows himself out the side door.


A few minutes later, the same drunk bursts in through the back door of the bar. He sits on the bar stool, and orders a drink. The bartender comes over and reminds the man that he is drunk and will be served no drinks. He then tells him that he can either call a cab or the police immediately.


The surprised drunk looks at the bartender says,"Man!How many bars do you work at?"


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